Illustrated explanation of how to join is operated by DTI, the largest adult site operator.

DTI is a legitimate company that provides phone and 24-hour chat support.

However, the fact that it is an adult site can be used by malicious third parties to commit identity theft.

In order to avoid becoming a target of scams, we will show you how to safely join this site.

We will show you how to register safely using the official website screen, so please refer to it.



Step 1: Go to the official website and Click "join" on the official website.

Click "join" on the official website.

→Click here to go to the official website.




Step2:Select a plan and Click "Sign up".

There are several subscription plans available. Select the plan you want and click "Sign up".

If you click on the "Apply" button at this point, the contract will not be signed yet.





Step3:Registere your email address and password

After you have registered your email address and password, you can apply for payment by credit card.






Step4:Registere your email address and password

Please enter your credit card information.

After entering all the information, Click Purchase.




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