Check the risks

The administrator has actually joined and is using the site.

So I can confidently say that is safe.


However, I am sure you are worried about joining a new paid adult site.

Isn't it illegal to expose one's genitals to the public under Japanese law?

What if I can't cancel my membership?

What if I get a phone call asking for money?


I sometimes receive e-mails from people who read our site.

In this page, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions through our experience.



Answering questions about the risks of

Q&A 1


Is it illegal to watch or download adult videos that expose genitals in Japan?


Site administrator

No, it is not illegal.

In Japan, uncensored adult videos that do not have mosaic on the genitals are illegal, but that is only if the company distributing the adult site is located in Japan.

As a Japanese, I also watch and download uncensored adult videos every day, but I have never been arrested and I have never heard about it in the news.


Q&A 2


Is it safe to pay by credit card? Is there any chance that someone could extract personal information?


Site administrator

It is not entirely impossible that this is a possibility. outsources its credit card payment operations to a company called DTI (Dream Train International).

DTI has a good track record in payment processing and has never caused any problems.


The payment processing system is the same as Amazon.

So, you can safely assume that the risk is the same as the probability of your credit card being abused by Amazon.

Therefore, I think there is no need to worry more than necessary.



Q&A 2



Do I receive any strange mail, phone calls, or junk mail at my home?

Site administrator

There is no field to enter your address in the membership registration, so there is no possibility of getting something delivered to your home.

There is also no field to enter a phone number. Emails will be sent to you when you register or cancel your membership.

However, no junk mail has ever been sent to the administrator.

I think it's best to register with a free Gmail address.



Q&A 3



Can I cancel my membership properly?

Site administrator

Personally, this is the part I worry about the most when I become a member.

I was actually able to cancel my membership without any problems.

I was able to cancel my membership without any problem, although I did join again a year later.

You can cancel your membership without any hesitation, but just in case, we have detailed instructions on our website.

Please refer to it.

→For detailed instructions on how to cancel your membership,Click here



Q&A 4


Are there any additional fees that I will be charged in addition to the monthly fee?

Site administrator

In my experience, there have been no charges other than the monthly fee.

There are no additional paid plans, so there is no possibility of accidentally incurring additional costs.



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